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Cleaning oftourist apartments

Cleaning services for tourist apartments

At Limpirtec we offer the highest quality and professionalism in cleaning and disinfection with services adapted to each type of client. Our highly trained and experienced cleaning team will ensure that your apartment is immaculate and ready to welcome your guests at all times.

Comprehensive Cleaning
Consumable replacement
Replacement sheets
Replacement towels
Maintenance level 1
Maintenance level 2
Sanitization and disinfection
Eco-friendly cleaning

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Professional cleaning of tourist houses and holiday apartments

We know how important cleanliness is in holiday homes and tourist apartments for users. In addition, it is one of the aspects that users value the most in their reviews, so it is essential to have professionals who carry out this work. In addition, if the cleaning is guaranteed by a professional company with years of experience in the market, the valuation will be even better.

At Limpirartec we offer a cleaning service for tourist apartments and holiday homes in Malaga , hand in hand with the best professionals. In this way you will get your apartment to get better reviews in the cleaning section. This translates into a higher occupancy rate and, therefore, in a greater profitability of the apartment.

We perform the general cleaning complete apartment, replacement of consumables and laundry service of sheets and towels. In addition, we offer a level 1 maintenance service (quick solutions such as changing light bulbs, hanging pictures… repairs in a maximum of 15 minutes) and level 2 (plumbing, masonry, carpentry… prior appointment required).